Who we are

At Muse Nanobots, we believe in a vision to create engineered surfaces with advanced nano tech solutions to create path breaking products for our consumers and partners.


Our first product is an antiviral and antibacterial technology on textiles to empower your clothes with antiviral properties. We believe this is the start and with our advanced technology we can create more solutions to empower different surfaces such as plastics, food packaging, textiles, glass with more advanced new age products. 


What we offer to people

With our advanced technology, we offer new products to our customers in partnership with various businesses. Our first product is the antiviral mask to help the customers with our advanced technology so that they can stay safe in this environment. We also partner with various businesses to bring our solutions fast to your doorstep. 

What we offer to businesses

We offer an inhouse coating technology where any garment manufacturer can send us their rolls and we coat them with our technology and send them back within a few days. This prevents the hassle of investing a lot into the technology for the businesses and can get empowered with the new age technology with our coating process.

Image by Ashkan Forouzani
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Vishnuwardhan Rd, Sector 7, Mangammanapalya, 

Bangalore, KA 560068

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